Essay on Health Information Management in Organization

It is known that any modern healthcare organization requires appropriate health information systems which will make the work of the medical staff more efficient. Today, healthcare informatics will make it possible not only to facilitate the work of healthcare providers but also it will help to develop new methods and new technologies to achieve success in all the spheres of medical services.

I’d like to represent Tripler Army Medical Center. This healthcare organization is known for its new methods of treatment and the use of up to date technologies including healthcare information systems. This hospital supports the US military personnel, their families and the US military veterans that is why it is very important for the medical staff to have an appropriate healthcare information management system. The skilled specialists of Tripler Army Medical Center have great experience in healthcare informatics. They provide efficient technical support as well as program management. There are a great deal of special medical programs which can develop the budget of the organization, different medical researches, and various telemedicine projects.

It is known that telemedicine which is successfully used in this healthcare organization includes telepathology, teleradiology, teleophthalmology and, of course, digitized health records. The use of up to date healthcare information technologies helps to provide quality control, effective communication management. Theater Medical Information program is one of the most efficient programs which is effectively used by the specialists of Tripler Army Medical Center. This software is specially designed for military healthcare organization “to support military health system mission” not only in peacetime but also during different military operations. It is known that Theater Medical Information program’s applications include Medical command and control, Blood management, Medical logistics and other fields. (Health Information Systems)

The other program which is successfully used by the medical staff of Tripler Army Medical Center is TRICARE. It is a special regionally managed healthcare program which supports all the patients of this healthcare organization including not only active duty staff but also retired members of the US uniformed services: the US Army, Navy and Air Force.

As Tripler Army Medical Center is also a major education center which offers a number of education programs to about 500 students, it is clear that there are special healthcare information systems which support this process. (Tripler Army Medical Center)

Among the numerous divisions of Tripler Army Medical Center, there is Information Management Division. It provides appropriate IM services which connect the Tripler Army Medical Center to its auxiliary units. The numerous services of the Information Management Division o f the organization include not only records management and printing but also telecommunications, visual information. Moreover, it is necessary to say that other divisions of the organization also have special information programs which facilitate their work. For example, Resource Management Division the major goal of which is to provide organization with necessary resources including human resources, equipment and supplies. Of course, this unit uses efficient information program which helps to cope with such issues as budgeting, management analysis, workload reporting and others. In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the specialists of Tripler Army Medical Center have no problems with their information system. It works efficiently.

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