Essay on Internet for business and Information systems for business

a)             Explain 2 advantages of the Internet for business.

First of all, the Internet is effectively used to advertise, promote and market any business organization and its websites. Internet marketing is one of the best ways to attract more and more customers in today’s business environment. Secondly, to succeed in business and retain the competitive edge, the majority of business organizations incorporate Internet marketing, e-mail advertising, web presence and other forms of e-commerce marketing and sales campaigns. The Internet helps business organizations to remain cost competitive.

b)             Explain 2 disadvantages of the Internet for business.

First of all, today it is very important for business to have an effective website design. However, many websites lack the appropriate characteristics and cannot provide prompt and responsive results for consumers. Secondly, it is very difficult to keep the website continually updated, as it requires training and the costs of technology.

c)             Explain 2 advantages of information systems for business.

Firstly, information systems can be effectively used by business organizations to support the major goals, including costs control, improved productivity and increased profits.  Secondly, information systems can help to oversee the major business operations, achieve a competitive advantage and improve the company’s service substantially. Information systems can not only measure, but also control productivity. It is clear that continuous improvements in business process will improve efficiency of services and add value to products of the company.

d)             Explain 2 disadvantages of information systems for business.

First of all, information systems can cost this or that business organization much money to operate online. In some cases, the companies have no opportunity to address this issue and fail to succeed in the competitive market. Secondly, the use of information systems may lead to security problems, such as hackers, some nuisance factors ”“ viruses, junk mail, or misuse by the company’s personnel. In addition, the competitors may gather the appropriate data about the company on its website and use it in their interests.

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