Essay on McDonald’s Inc.

McDonald’s Inc. is considered to be one of the best operating market leaders in the field of food service. These results were achieved through the total sales, strong brand name, proper organization of labor, employee motivation programs, decision making and other important factors.

Thus, taking the above-mentioned information into consideration, there is a need for conducting a thorough analysis of the dynamics of McDonald’s Corporation, and proving a detailed description of the organization’s important strengths and weaknesses, including leaderships, communications, team dynamics, employee motivation programs and more.

McDonald’s has developed the uniform standards of cooking, technology, equipment, marketing strategies, training programs, methods of choice of location facilities, service organizations, as well as supply chains.

More than 1,500 restaurants are opened each year around the world. A large part of which is franchise restaurants. This gives the company a golden opportunity to take a leading position in the markets abroad. What is more, the company constantly improves the product range, increasing portions while maintaining the same prices. Another distinctive feature of the company is that McDonald’s adopts a democratic leadership style. Control over operations is very strict, but at the same time, the company’s atmosphere is designed to reveal individual creativity. McDonald’s encourages their subordinates’ creativity and helps to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation.

The employees are fully aware of the importance and responsibility in addressing the challenges that the team faces. All the instructions are given in the form of proposals in a friendly tone ”“ with regard to the opinion of the collective.

The company aims to develop communication strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening people’s commitment to McDonald’s. Advertising plays a critical role in establishing the company’s global products. McDonald’s takes part in various global field communications and sports and entertainment alliances, including Olympic Games sponsorships and FIFA World Cup.

McDonald’s grants a franchise license only to the proactive, experienced entrepreneurs with a good reputation. The company purposely prepares them for the active promotion of the trade mark on the ground. The location of the restaurants is critical to the company’s effectiveness and productivity. This should be a comfortable location for the customers and profitable for the company. Currently, the company is trying to open new restaurants in airports, hospitals, universities, major shopping centers, service stations and more. Nowadays, the restaurant offers a limited set of dishes. There is a focus on improving the taste of dishes, the development of new categories of fast food, and increasing the number of dishes for lovers of healthy food. Strict rules are identified not only in terms of quality standards, but also in terms of the premises and equipment’s sanitary conditions. Corporate image is always maintained as an example of quality, purity, professionalism with the help of an active advertising campaign in mass media and special events. The system of “McDonald’s” has already proven its viability and effectiveness.

The personnel in any organization are an integral part of it, that is, the company cannot exist without employees, and as a consequence of this ”“ is not able to produce their products or to achieve their goals in business. Personnel management, primarily, is based on the principles of employee work engagement and how to achieve the certain goals. Firstly, the company needs employees who will work for the good of the organization. In this case, McDonald’s offers its employees flexible work hours that are determined depending on the willingness and capacity of the workers themselves.  This fact allows students to successfully combine work and their study, and young parents to care for their children. Secondly, the company is willing to spend hours training the new staff, legalizing the necessary documents, providing workers with new uniforms.  This is all done to ensure that the employee could adapt and cope with the difficulties and complexities of the work. Thirdly, the company offers a variety of awards and bonuses, which are paid for the processing of the monthly norm of working time. The company also provides an opportunity to achieve rapid career growth for a short period of time.

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