Essay on New technologies

Nowadays the development of new technologies in the sphere of telecommunication gives an opportunity more and more people to enjoy the convenient telecommunications services. Let us explore two new technologies that belong to an electrical engineer especially in telecommunication such as 3G, and fiber antenna.

3G represents the third generation network with a set of services for high-speed Internet access and radio technology. Observing the main difference between 3G and 2G we can say that 3G connection is a rich package of features for each user. This mobile broadband makes it possible not only to use the radio, but also to work in the Internet with a speed of 2 megabits per second, and send video files to others with no problems. However, the main difference is individualization, i.e., each subscriber receives own IP-address, like the Internet. Another plus is in opportunity to be online constantly, without worrying about material resources, as users pay not for the time, but only for traffic.

Thinking about fiber antenna it is possible to state that FTTA Fiber-To-The-Antenna ”“ Technology is going to change the world in mobile communications. Analyzing contemporary situation in telecommunications Strasser said that “the most modern mobile communication systems now use fiber optics for the link from the base station to the antenna (FTTA = fiber to the antenna)” (Strasser, 2010). The class of equipment that is based on the above mentioned technology provides transmission in a digital form of analog video, audio signals and control signals over long distances (2, 20, 60, 100 km) using fiber optic cable. High noise immunity and reliability of this equipment allows even to organize surveillance systems on the basis of this scalable video.
To sum up, it is well-known fact that new technologies allows to realize constant and ubiquitous access to all necessary services, but only being up to date people can realize all possible and even impossible facilities. Thus, people who are interested in new technologies should to read specific information in the Internet, in research journals and popular technological magazines for the purpose of to be up to date and it also can be useful to attend technological conferences where people can exchange their knowledge and opinions.

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