Essay on Operations management

Today, operations management is extremely important but many organizations suffer from the wide gap between their strategy and operations. In fact, the disconnection between strategy and operations undermines the effective implementation of the strategy defined by the organization and has a destructive impact on the organizational performance. Therefore, ops managers should focus on the development of close connection between strategy and operations to improve performance of their subordinates and the entire organization.

At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that the disconnection between strategy and operations persists in the development of organizations, because organizations often fail to convey their strategy to their employees. As a result, employees fail to understand how operations they perform can contribute to the strategy of their organization and what the strategy actually is.

What ops managers should know about operations management is that operations should match the strategy of the organization and contribute to the growing integration and cooperation between professionals working within the organization. Through operations ops managers should develop positive interpersonal relations and develop the strong belief in employees that they work for their own benefits and their personal success in the organization is closely intertwined with the success of the entire organization and all employees working in the organization. In such a way, ops managers should focus on the development of communities within organizations, which work effectively and which members are conscious of the importance of their contribution to the overall organizational performance and when they are committed to each other and to their organization.

Operations can contribute to the overall strategy of the organization. In fact, the strategy define the framework within which operations should be performed and employees should understand both the role of their operations and the strategy of the organization.
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