Essay on OT Program Application

Education was always important for me because I believe education can boost my professional development. On the other hand, I should keep progressing and continue my education, this is why I am applying to the MOT program since this program is an excellent opportunity for me to obtain high quality education and have extensive practice to expand my professional knowledge and skills.

My expectations for the graduate school are different from the undergraduate school expectations. Being undergraduate, I was dreaming of the graduation, while now, I am inclined to a more strategic thinking since I consider my career opportunities and my choice of the master of Occupational Therapy program is the right one. At any rate, I expect not only to continue my education but also to obtain better career opportunities.

I would contribute to the TTUHSC Master of Occupational Therapy Program since I am eager to do a volunteer job and I believe the TTUHSC MOT program will need volunteers. At any rate, I will contribute to the local community since I always participate in the school community life. For instance, I practice sports, volleyball and soccer, and enjoy doing volunteer job.

I expect to overcome challenges, which I may face during the program, through application of my organizational and learning skills. I have extensive skills of learning and I believe I can use them to overcome possible challenges that I may encounter. At any rate, I get used to work hard and I will during my POM.

At the same time, I will do my best to use the full advantage of the MOT program. I believe I will get excellent career opportunity but I need to work hard to use all the opportunities I have.


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