Buy essay on Power Controls History

The main aim of this project is to analyze the quote Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past.

In the beginning, it is necessary to mention that every person is a creator of the own life, but sometimes there exist external forces which also can control human life. Observing the quote and applying it to personal development, it is true that we create our future basing on our own experience from the past, the same we can say about our present because acting in a specific way exactly today and in some specific way, we create our own past, which will help us to make the life better.

However, human life is full of surprises and it is also full of other powers that control human minds and souls. In this regard, we can mention that the person or group of people who can control everything we learn or think about the events which has happened in the past can influence on the people’s minds and form their attitude to these events, and control the people in the present. Moreover, paying a specific attention to the information presented in different books, we analyze it and make conclusions on its base, and all the information is a kind of our past in this case. In such a way, people who create these books control people who read them, and there is no guaranty that information about the past is reliable. Thus, being in the firm belief that everything what we know is true, we allow more powerful creators of the past to manipulate our views and influence on our existing reality in the global sense. As a result, we can say that power controls history.

In conclusion, we have analyzed the giving quote and explained its meaning in the body of this project.


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