Buy essay on Response of Jane Jacobs and Reynolds

To begin with, let’s stress that The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs and The Architecture of New York City by D. Reynolds worth to be called fundamental works about NY architecture. However, these two books are different with their general aims. In this order, D. Reynolds’ book is featured by outstanding narrative.
For example, one of his book’s chapters tells readers about Woolworth Building, which was launched in 1913 and considered to be the tallest world’s building till 1930. The author outlines the idea of its designing as the revolutionary approach of rational space saving in the interests of business. This terra-cotta architectural creation in gothic style still known as the real heritage of progressive architectural thought. The Cathedral of commerce is popular for outstanding color solutions, with dominating matte glaze, varying from light to dark. buy essay
In her turn, Jane Jacobs is mostly intended to provide careful and multifaceted critical research in The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Three read chapters touch absolutely different points of architectural planning in NY. For example, the author provided comprehensive study of conflict between vehicular and pedestrian city traffic. The main her idea about this part dedicated to necessity of city’s erosion by cars reducing. In chapter 19 Visual order: its limitations and possibilities Jane Jacobs proposes several tactics to unify the diversity of architecture, such as to zone a limit on the length of street frontage, the usage of design element, closely planted trees. Eventually, she claims that every street requires special approach. At last, the chapter 19 devoted to salvaging and improving projects, which according to writer can easily enter surrounding fabric and even strengthen it. Studying different cases the scholar outlines different approaches for reintegration, such as centers’ disassembling over the periods of time, ground re-planning tactics etc. Still, only individual approach is required.

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