Essay on Statement of Purpose

It is known that today the success of any business company depends heavily on the effectiveness of its management which is based on “the interactions between the flows of information, materials, money, manpower, and capital equipment”¯ (Mentzer et al. 3). That is why supply chain management has become an integral part of any business company the major goal of which is to succeed in the competitive market. In order to be an effective supply chain manager in today’s business environment, it is very important not only to have enough experience in this sphere of business, but also to use the appropriate knowledge based on the latest researches and provided by skilled specialists. The Northeastern University’s MBA program with a focus on supply chain management gives an opportunity to become the most in-demand specialist in supply chain management for any business company. As a supply chain manager plays a significant role in any supply chain process, which includes effective planning, development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, good education in this field is of great importance.

The Northeastern University is one of the authoritative institutions of higher education in the United States. I know that the Northeastern University was founded in 1898. It has developed a good reputation. Today the Northeastern University is well-known as a leader in global experiential learning, urban engagement, and interdisciplinary research focused on global and societal needs and requiremnets. Special attention is paid to student research and global learning that allow students to transform their lives and become successful employees in today’s competitive market (The Northeastern University, Official Site).

As I am interested in supply chain management, I’ve made up my mind to pursue MBA degree with a focus on supply chain management. My educational goal is to gain a broad knowledge base within the MBA supply chain management program in order to advance my career in today’s business environment. I know that today the dynamics field of supply chain management requires more and more knowledge and experience because more and more business companies effectively use supply chain strategies as a tool of market differentiation. The MBA degree in supply chain management will help me to better understand inventory management, warehousing system and transportation of different materials required by a customer and a company. In addition, I will get the appropriate knowledge in logistics. It is clear that business companies in different parts of the world are searching for innovative ways to increase their profits and improve the quality of service delivery, storing, transporting and distributing various materials. I am sure that the Northeastern University’s MBA program will also help me in my personal development. I will be given a chance to develop my communication skills, technical skills, leadership skills, etc.

My personal accomplishments in sales prove the fact that I have already got some experience that will help me in the education process and in my future career. I was the third in the U.S for Property & Casualty Federated Mutual Insurance Sales for 2008 out of 550 marketing reps for most new business sales. Working for E&J Gallo Winery, I was the first in the state of Arizona for Holiday Incentive Sales competition winning two week paid trip to Hawaii for most overall volume sales. Working for National Upholstering Company, I started leather wholesale division, imported leather from Brazil, China, Italy and domestically, distributed goods to ten national showrooms from major cities throughout the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco and Scottsdale, grew division to a 3 million annual sales generator with average profit margins of 250%. In addition, I handled all purchasing, distribution, sampling, price point and competitive analyses. However, I do not want to stop there. My motivation for pursuing the Northeastern University’s MBA degree is closely connected with my plans for the future. As a person of strong character who is always ready to develop personality and master new trends and techniques in supply chain management, I am glad to seek a MBA degree in Supply Chain Management. I am ready to enlarge my interest and broaden my outlook. Moreover, I am sure that the professors of the Northeastern University will share their deep knowledge and huge experience with me and provide support in the academic process. I am an experienced sportsman (a bodybuilder, personal training assistant, and wrestler) and I have enough strength of will and self-confidence to achieve the established goals in my business career. Additionally, I have travelled extensively throughout the world, to the UK, Greece, Canada, Mexico, France, Netherlands, Israel, and Germany, and know a lot about global markets. At this moment, my major goal to make a good career and I’ll try to pursue this goal no matter how hard it will be.

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