1.1. Importance of strategic human resource management in organizations
Strategic human resource management is highly important for any organization since it allows to employ qualified workforce and enables the company to reach various long-term benefits such as increased profits, low turnover, covering core competencies etc. For the company CTL Software the strategic human resources management is extremely important in the current situation. “Strategic human resource management is the proactive management of people. It requires thinking ahead, and planning ways for a company to better meet the needs of its employees, and for the employees to better meet the needs of the company”¯, according to What is Strategic Human Resource Management? (2011).
Human Resource Management, HRM – is the knowledge and practices aimed at ensuring the organization “quality”¯ staff (able to perform its mandated functions of the employment) and optimal use. Optimal use of staff in terms of “personnel management”¯ is achieved by identifying positive and negative motives of individuals and groups in the organization and the appropriate positive incentive motivation and “redemption”¯ of negative motivation, as well as analysis of those impacts. Personnel management is an integral part of quality management systems (management) in controlling concept. Various sources can meet other names: human resources management, human capital management, personnel management, personnel essay
Personnel management ”“ is one of the most important component parts of modern management. Modern personnel management can be described as a system of ideas and techniques of effective construction and management of organizations and projects, with appropriate controlling systems. For example, the quality management system, the system (multi-) project management, etc.
1.2. The purpose of strategic human resource management activities in an organization
Activities of strategic human resource management have intended effect on the human component of organizations focused on matching the capacity of staff and the goals, strategies, conditions for the development of the organization. The main methods of personnel management include: Economic methods – techniques and methods of influence on artists using concrete to measure costs and benefits (incentives and sanctions, financing and credit, wage, cost, profit, price). Organizational and managerial techniques ”“ are the methods for the direct effects of wearing prescriptive and mandatory. They are based on discipline, responsibility, authority, coercion, normative documentation of functions. Socio-psychological methods (motivation, moral encouragement, social planning, etc.).
It should be noted that there is the short-term effectiveness of “negative”¯ motivation. Effectiveness of systems for operational control personnel, if you are using a systematic approach, is determined by an appropriate interaction with the management responsible for controlling the function of the organization. In general, it may be noted that there is the low efficiency of the impacts on staff in the absence of appropriate management systems. For example, the effectiveness of the impacts on staff in order to improve the quality of products or services will be low, if your organization is not a quality management system. The same applies to the effective management of projects and other activities. On the other hand the shortcomings and problems of management systems are more easily detected and eliminated with the help of competent operational management personnel.

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