Essay on Team structure

Team structure is considered to be one of the most modern organizational structures introduced in the 20th century. The team structure can determine the entire structure of the organization.

In return, team dynamics is the concept developed by Kurt Lewin, which means the interactions of the group members. Terms dynamics describes the positive and negative processes in the social group, addresses issues related to the nature of groups, patterns of development and improvement, group interaction with individuals, groups and other institutional entities.

Each group goes through five stages of development.

Stage 1: Forming

Stage 2: Storming

Stage 3: Norming

Stage 4: Performing

Stage 5: Ending

The forming stage occurs when group members first meet each other. At this first meeting, the group members get to know each other. They share information about their education, experience and interests, and form the first impression of each other. When the group starts working together, it turns into a stormy phase. At this stage, the group members “compete with each other for status and for acceptance of their ideas” (Abudi par. 6).

When the group enters the stage of norming, it begins to work more effectively as a group. The team members are no longer concentrated on their personal goals, but rather on developing the ways to work together. At the performing stage, all attention is directed to a common goal. Team members trust each other and rely on each other. At the ending stage, the project is completed, and the group goes in different directions.

The qualities that make a good team player:

  • An ability to communicate effectively with the colleagues;
  • An ability to find a common language with others:
  • An ability to understand and work with everyone in the team.

The qualities that make a good team leader:

  • An ability to lead and direct their power without misuse;
  • An ability to inspire employees to work effectively;
  • An ability to encourage employees to appreciate the viewpoints of others.

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