Essay on The Honorable John McCaine

Dear Senator John McCaine

It is a well known fact that your keep in touch with various social issues relating to the present day legal realities of the United States and that is the main reason I decided to write in order to reveal your vision according the issue of civil rights, in particular sexual harassment on the workplace. You are well aware about the situation around this legal and social issue and I would really appreciate your attention to my letter, discussing it, as we, American nation, face it everyday in our lives and need a guiding support of governmental official.

Sexual harassment is one of the most rampant challenges that human resource managers face in the modern business world. Globalization has brought with it the need for cultural tolerance, and the problem that businesses face is managing perceptions of workers from different cultures in relation to which behavior is acceptable or not. Sexual harassment takes different forms in female and male workers, and this further complicates the puzzle. You, me and many other people face it everyday, could you please reflect officials’ vision, according this scrutinized situation as it is evident that sexual harassment is still prevalent despite the various legal measures that have been taken to address the situation.

Before writing to you I made detailed literature review and during this study observed deep insights into the status of sexual harassment around the world, got involved in discussions the impacts of this crime on all the stakeholders involved. In addition, I read number suggestions that can help managers address this human resource dilemma. But finally the results of this research were quite vague and obscure without giving direct answers of the question: how all the groups involved could be protected from this issue. You probably know that the vast majority of the situations are too complicated for the simple division on guilty not guilty.

But what should we do with the border situations, which does not suppose such radical division?

Why does it happen?
Numerous researches has established that organizational structure and nature of work may influence the prevalence rates of sexual harassment. Do you agree with that statement?
Mr. McCaine I appreciate your attention to my question and I hope that as official you pay attention to this issue and questions, specify your personal position, as well as the position of Congress, as legal protector of such a significant problem we faced

(address, if necessary)

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