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The main aims of this project are to create a summary of chapters 6-10 in the book “The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town”¯ written by John Grisham, and to show a reaction on these chapters.

To begin, we need to mention that the book “The Innocent Man”¯ is the real story of the trial having its place in the frames of American life. Having read prescribed chapters, it was found that these chapters elaborate a number of serious crimes, consisting of rapes and murders. In front of us, of course, we see a detective story; however, this story is far from the classical canon because chapters 6-10, instead of logical research and brilliant discoveries of common sense, demonstrate us the ambiguity of police methods, dubious expertise, complex tangle of circumstances and typical elements of American life, and the presentation of human lives in all their nakedness and in an interaction with tricky His Majesty Chance. In such a way, these chapters show readers strange searches for truth, and people’s attitude to the described criminal cases.

Giving a reaction to the book on the base of chapters 6-10, it is possible to state that the book is definitely psychological by its nature. The author deeply plunges into the state of mind of an innocent person who is convicted in the crime, and clearly displays the complex inner world of the individual. At the same time, we can also note that dry pseudoscientific research is alien to the author. Grisham does not dissect the soul; he enters another’s fate, absorbs a tragedy in oneself, and clearly explains it to the reader. In addition, these chapters do not oppress the audience by moralizing, not humiliate, or intimidate readers by schematic contrived complexity because the book’s main tenet is “clarity.”¯

Thus, we have created a summary of several chapter from the book “The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town,”¯ and showed a reaction on the book. Moreover, having read the book we have realized that the author not only respects the reader, but he also talks to him as an equal.

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