Essay on The installation of self sufficient machines

The installation of self sufficient machines may be quite a challenging task because the installation needs to meet all the criteria to maintain the effective functioning and effective transferring of machines to the target location. In such a context, many problems may arise but the close cooperation between computer engineers and electrical engineer can tackle the problems.
First of all, it is necessary to define the location, where the machines are going to be installed. Depending on the location, engineers will define machines that will be supplied and installed in the target location. As soon as the location and machines are defined, it is necessary to start negotiations on the supply of the machines with the company manufacturing them.
As soon as the machines are delivered, computer and electric engineers should start the installation of the machines. Two well-qualified computer engineers and one electric engineer will be enough to install the machines in the target location. In the course of the installation, the engineers should check the performance of each machine and how they work independently as well as in the network. In such a way, they can identify possible problems. For instance, some machines may have problems with AC switch, which computer and electric engineers can solve successfully.

However, one of the major problems that may arise occurs when one of the machines is in supervisor mood because computer engineers and electric engineer cannot change the machine in the active mood. In such a situation the assistance of the supplier of the machine is needed to tackle the problem and to change the machine in the active mood.

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