Buy essay on The nature and limits of racial barriers in the USA and Henry Gates’ “Colored people”

The subject of many literary works are changes in the spiritual atmosphere of American society of the twentieth century, and the related revaluation of cultural and moral values in the society. It is the right of all peoples to live in dignity in the contemporary United States, which became the common home of descendants of Indians, blacks and other races and nationalities that have shaped America’s unique multi-ethnic community.
Speaking about cosmopolitanism and the need to protect and preserve rights of all large and small national-cultural identities in the general unity of American culture, many public figures have called for the rise of cultural patriotism. In this case, certainly the most relevant are the discussions on African-American component in the culture of the United States in light of contemporary cultural pluralism.
The purpose of this paper is to show the state of modern multiculturalism, to consider African-American component of American culture, taking into account permanent bilateral interaction and mutual enrichment of white and black cultures, speak about racial barriers. It is necessary to show the place of African Americans in the U.S. life last third of XX century on the basis of the work Colored People by Henry Louis Gates. buy essay
Henry Louis Gates is a well-known American literary critic, historian, writer, professor at Harvard University. He is a scholar of African American culture and history, he made several works on this topic. Colored People is one of the most well-known of his works, and also it is considered among the best works about African-Americans. This work is written as a memoir, that is why it is very “strong” in terms of ideological and moral content. After all, the author himself is a representative of the “colored people, he and his family better than anyone knows about the situation of colored people in the society of modern America, and elsewhere in the world. The author himself is aware of the barriers for black people in the modern world, and unfortunately such barriers are still present, despite the proclamation of the equality of all citizens of America, and of all races and nationalities around the world. The author knows and feels and prejudices about black people, and prejudicial to them. And on his own behalf and on his own experience he tells about the “colored people.”

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