Essay on Theology- Christian Marriage

This paper is meant to speculate on the topic of the consumerism. Generally speaking, today we live in a consumer society. That is why when it comes to such question as “ Is consumerism a destructive force for most families?”, the answer is rather obvious: “ yes, it is!”  People own everything, including their feelings. What is more, today the new family goals are appearing: independence and autonomy. As a result, people are becoming more isolated and they hardly try to spend time together because they try to earn more money or simply want to feel themselves independent. More and more Americans claim that they now hardly have close people whim who they can discuss some important issues, as for example, personal significance. That also means that every person tends to have fewer and fewer friends, who can be relied on. Needless to mention, that when something goes wrong in the family, they fail to have the support they need.

A central claim is that the consumerism rampant in our culture is so widespread that it affects our choices about the religion we practice, the church we attend, and even our choice of life partner. That is why when it comes to other examples of this consumerist mentality, the following should be obviously named:

  • Money earning since everybody today’s main aim is to become wealthy. In fact, money is regarded as today’s personal security and future’s wealth. It is even believed that each family is a concrete personal community. Meanwhile, still there is a deep dissatisfaction in the US’ middle class.
  • Tendency to isolation because you do not want to tell about your poor life and lack of money and of course, you do not want to hear about this.
  • Lack of family meal, which can unit people. People prefer to work or to spend their time on other things. As a result, relations start suffering and people do not share their feelings. However, it is obvious that a family meal not only connects family, but in fact, it symbolizes the family.
  • Work: most families do not have one work, instead, everyone is busy with his or her concrete work, thus resulting is family disconnection. Grown-ups try to not only to meet the ends up, but also to gain money for their kids’ education and that is why they are constantly busy and spend less time together. In addition, parents’ work greatly influences the whole family values, including the children’s ones.
  • Time: due to the constant desire to earn more, families tend to spend less time together. Children do not get the needed attention as well. In addition, every partner wants to spend his or her time on himself or herself. What is more, other relatives, such as grandparents, cousins or aunts are also less visited. In fact, they say that today lack of time is the greatest problem when it comes to family.

So, it is evident that modern consumption society greatly influences the way of living of every person. Besides, family life suffers also a lot. Therefore, it is critical to conduct some changes to make the families more successful and everlasting and people happier. Families have not only to spend more time together, but also it is advisable to overview all today’s family values.

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