Essay online: Effective Communication

It is known that communication plays an important role in our life. Effective communication is the basis of any business because it has enormous impact on the individuals who participate in the communication process. In order to excel as a business practitioner, it is very important to be an effective communicator.  The Youtube videos used in this assignment help me to change some of my perceptions and to learn more about the main communication techniques.  For example, Video with Donald Van de Mark helps me to learn more about the methods of communication. Donald Van de Mark tells about the traits of the successful people, such as Jack Welch and Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, and those techniques which they effectively use to stay motivated and constantly improved. Now I know that self-confidence and persistence are the main aspects in any business. Donald Van de Mark as well as the other communicators in the videos help me to see effective communication in practice. Now I realize the importance of good diction and voice, the use of the appropriate words which are clear to everyone.  In the video with Stephan Covey who tells about the habits of highly effective people I learn more about the use of body language and facial expressions. Stephan Covey proves that en effective communicator should make eye contact with the public and be ready to answer any question and explain any difficult statement. It is also very important to create a special relaxed environment. The Video with Nicholas Boothman, helps to realize the importance of appearance and posture of the communicator. That is why in order to build my brand and become an effective communicator, it is necessary to take into consideration the above mentioned findings.

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