Essay online Environmental Planning

Furthermore, another risk management personality type consists of egalitarians, who stand on the ground of the equal responsibility and participation of all individuals. On extrapolating this risk management personality type on the consumer behavior and consumer type, it is possible to refer to true natural consumers. True natural consumers are already converted to earth-sustainable lifestyles and saving planet. Egalitarians believe that all people should contribute to the environmentalist development of the society and sustainability of the planet. True natural consumers also stand on the egalitarian ground because the true natural protection and sustainability of the planet are possible only on the condition of the mutual responsibility of all individuals inhabiting the planet. Therefore, true natural consumers stand on the egalitarian ground since they believe that all people are equal in the protection of environment and sustainable development of the society and the planet. In actuality, egalitarian principles are very important but they are not very popular, while new green mainstream becomes the dominant trend in the development of the sustainable consumer behavior.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning fatalists as one of the risk management personality types. Fatatlists may include affluent healers as environment concerned consumers.  Affluent healers are able to afford to live earth-sustainably but they are too cynical to transfer their beliefs in actions. Fatalists believe that the development of the society and each individual as well as the entire planet is predetermined a priori. Therefore, fatalists do not believe they can change the situation in the planet. They just prefer to let things run as they do. In this regard, affluent healers also believe they can have little impact on the environmental situation. This is why they do not believe that their sustainable consumerist behavior can do anything good for the environment and the planet. Their fatalism discourages them to conduct earth-sustainable lifestyle, even though they may be fully aware of negative effects of their action or inaction in regard to the environment protection.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that diverse groups of environmental consumers may correlate to different risk management personality types. However, individuals should be aware of the problem of the environment pollution and, whatever type they belong to, they should develop effective, sustainable environmental strategies and behavior patterns. Otherwise, the environmental protection will fail, while the further deterioration of the environmental situation will have the disastrous effects on the life of people and other species inhabiting the planet. People should unite their efforts to tackle environmental problems and to contribute to the environment protection effectively.

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