Essay online Linking Projects to Strategy

The article “From Experience: Linking Projects to Strategy” by R.L. England and R.J. Graham, deals with project management and importance of linking projects to strategy of the organization. The article covers such questions as problems of project management associated with inconsistency, the importance of teamwork, process of project selection and prioritization, barriers to implementation. The main idea of the article is that project should be consistent with the strategy of the organization, the project team must be familiar with the goal and means to achieve it, and the methods of work.

According to the article, it is important that the project manager understands how the project supports business strategy of the company. In other words, the harder is the connection between project and the organization’s business strategy, the smoother will be the process of implementing the project. Conversely, the less important is the relationship between project and strategy, the more complex problems should be solved during its implementation.

It is important to stress that in the process of project implementation it is necessary that project managers understand the strategic goals of the organization, and how the project supports them. Project managers should effectively communicate to employees at various levels about new strategic plans and initiatives. All project managers should effectively monitor the performance of strategic initiatives undertaken by the top managers of organizations, while stressing the key processes that affect the strategy and evaluating their effectiveness. Project managers should not only ensure effective communication strategies in the team, but also ensure consistence of the project with the strategy of the organization, should develop a detailed project plan, assign responsibilities and delegate authority to the team members.


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