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Education is extremely important for my professional development. In actuality, my goals after completion my DBA program is to continue my career in HR field. I can enhance my position as an Employment Specialist. I focus on the development of my professional skills and abilities and revelation of advanced approaches to HR management.

My current professional education will help me to improve my professional performance at my position of an Employment Specialist. My MBA at the Northcentral University, in Prescott, AZ. has laid a solid ground for the development of my doctorate program. My professional educational basis is strong enough but I feel that my current educational background is not enough for my professional performance and I need to expand my knowledge in the field of HR and business administration.

My professional experience contributes to my preparedness to my DBA program. My Human Resource experience in the United States Army helps me to extrapolate my practical experience on my further education. My previous HR positions enriched my experience. This experience will help me to correlate theoretical knowledge that I can acquire in the course of my doctorate program and my practical experience.

My doctorate will definitely help me to achieve my career objectives because my doctorate will provide me with extensive knowledge in the field of HR and business administration as well as broaden my views on business relations.

However, to reach my objectives, I will have to work hard. I plan to focus on the careful planning of my education and scheduling my learning process. In such a way, I expect to maximize the effectiveness of my learning.


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