Essay online Working for a Cause

The extensive development of charity is a distinctive feature of modern developed countries, designed to “balance”¯ the rigidity of market relations and the universal race for profit. Moreover, even the laws encourage philanthropy, substantially reducing taxes. Thus, the main goal of this paper is to discuss working for a cause.

It seems to me that people who work for a cause have quite another attitude to our world, and they are trying to do it better, helping others to improve their lives. In addition, I strongly believe that a person who chooses a career in the nonprofit sector is a rather noble person because only noble and highly inspired people can work because of personal belief in the cause, and basing on a desire to help others and to contribute to society in one or another way. It is very sad to realize that today many people work only looking at personal bank account, and it makes our society more greedy and violent.

According to Reiser (2011), it becomes obvious that “to be a charity, an organization must pursue a charitable mission as its dominant and overriding purpose. Notably, such charitable missions go well beyond almsgiving. They embrace a broad array of missions, each pursuing some vision of the good, and include entities as diverse as the American Red Cross, your local community theater, and most U.S. law schools.”¯ Thus, real charity organizations are not interested in the own profits, but they are trying to collect money for others for the purpose to improve the lives of people with health, psychological, material, etc. problems.

Thinking about people involved in such movements, I want to describe people working for a cause in charity, we can see there can work only highly motivated people with well-developed positive personal characteristics. Thus, people with open heart are always can be find among contributors, elders, or sympathizers. It seems to me that these people became involved in charity and in working for a cause by the appeal of their heart, by a presence of a lot of love in their hearts and necessity to realize their social potential in helping others. Saying these words, I remembered one situation, when I was asked to donate money to a charity organization, which was helping orphans. It was a good experience for me because I not only donated money, but I also began to work for a cause in this organization for some period of time. In addition, I need to state that there were no barriers to my participations in this organization, and as for me, it is the best proof that organization really works for a cause, and is not trying to collect money for the own selfish ends.

Filo, Funk & O’Brien (2011) stated that “some people think employees of nonprofits are all unpaid volunteers, but this is not the case. Although nonprofits often have volunteers, many nonprofit organizations, and most larger ones, have paid staffs like any other business.”¯ And exactly this fact makes some contemporary movements repulsive in my eyes. Unfortunately, in charity, as in all spheres of our life, there are people who want to cash in on someone else’s misfortune, or to enrich themselves at the expense of others. Thus, I find repulsive those contemporary movements which always change the place of their location, which are trying to hide their activity by showing people false documents, and which don’t give any concrete information to check their activity.

To sum up, of course, there exist many areas where people work for a cause, but a focus on charity was made in this project. There have been discussed the most important questions associated with charity, and also presented my real life experience of the work for a cause in a charity organization.

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