Essay: Should the United State government have a say in what people eat?

The purpose of the essay is not to try to solve a large social or moral problem but to make clear exactly where you stand on an issue and to persuade your readers to respect your position, perhaps even to accept it. You will need to include research from three credible sources in this paper. Thesis statement is clearly understandable at the end of the introduction paragraph. Conclusion statement is not just a repeat of the introduction. Further still, it is extremely important no to forget that the sources are only used to support your position, not to be your position. Ideas to be used in this essay on how I feel on this subject matter. It consists from summarizing and analyzing the information and thoughts, given in different works about this theme. Thus, the paper’s purpose is to discuss the main argument and prove it by facts.

Main body

It is important to show through the paper what my opinion about this theme is; the works of scientists and researches are available in the internet. However, they can be just used as a support. According to Duncan, it is their personal choice to eat where and what they want. They are worried about what we are eating but yet there are still some families that aren’t eating at all. For some odd reason I get the feeling that our government’s priorities are a little off. They seem to want to regulate things that we don’t need regulated. I understand they want to do all this in thought of our “health” and what not (2002-2010, pg 2, <>).

It must be mentioned that some of persistent illnesses and health problems in the world are tobacco (its use is the single largest preventable cause of cancer), alcohol (there is a causal relationship between alcohol and more than 60 types of disease and injury). In addition, there are blood pressure (raised blood pressure causes stroke and heart disease) and cholesterol (high cholesterol levels increase the risk of coronary heart disease). Recently, some kind of health problem appeared. Visual impairment, it means that such illnesses lead to preventable blindness; physical inactivity, which causes 2 million deaths a year. Rich and poor countries have different problems with health sphere. For example, diabetes mostly causes deaths in low & middle-income countries (80%). In many low and middle-income countries, access to oral health services is limited, which leads to problems with oral health, while in rich countries overweight and obesity take place, because of a big amount of different junk food and lack of time for having meal. To solve such problems an integrated global alert and response system exists, it is created for epidemics and other public health emergencies based on strong national public health systems and capacity and an effective international system for coordinated response. Such questions have only recently been raised, and it is not possible, as yet, to answer all of them with any certainty.

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