Essay term paper on Cutbacks on Schools in California

the only way out for public schools to cut spending because of cutbacks in their funding is cutting educational programs. In fact, the majority of summer school programs from students at all levels, from elementary to high school, were canceled because of budget cuts (Cathcart, 1). Cuts of educational programs will have no positive effect on the quality of public education as well as on the quality of life of local communities. To put it more precisely, cuts of educational programs deteriorate the quality of education because students do not receive training they were planned to, while educators cannot realize their full potential in education programs which have been just cut because of the economic recession and decrease of budget funding. In fact, current cutbacks on public schools make educators uncertain in their future in the field of education. In such a situation, many well-qualified educators may look for employment in the private sector or in the different field but education. As a result, the public education will suffer from the loss of well-qualified professionals that is another reason of the possible deterioration of the quality of public education in Californian.

Ironically, school budget cuts occur in the time, when students lack desks to sit at, have not enough computers, textbooks, and paper to make copies of a lesson for everyone, while they have to pay frequently for sports uniforms, supplies in art class, buses for a field trip and many other items (School Budget Cuts, 5-6). This means that even the current level of funding is not enough to cover all the needs of students and public schools. However, the government of California insists on cutting spending on public schools even more. This means that current problems of public schools and their students will aggravate even more. Students will have fewer textbooks, computers and, more important, they will have to spend more on their education. At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that many students attending public schools represent low-income families, who suffered the most from the recent economic recession. Therefore, they cannot increase spending on education of their children. This means that students from low-income families will be unable to cover current costs of public education, while after the rise of the costs of the public education because of the cutbacks, they may just start dropping out of school and looking for opportunities to earn money to support their families. This means that the cutbacks may raise unsurpassable barriers on the way to education of the least protected groups.

The cutbacks on schools in California affect the poorest and deprive them of the opportunity to obtain at least basic education. Students from low-income families will be unable to cover costs of their education but the lack of education will deprive them of an opportunity to get a better job. Therefore, they will be doomed to live in poverty as their parents did with little, if any, opportunities to change their position. The lack of education may become a factor that provokes the disparity in the society. Californian government cuts spending on public schools and aggravates the situation depriving many students of an opportunity to obtain education.

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