Research essay on Americans health

1. The first – apparently the most disturbing Americans – is the question of “overweight”

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.


The diagram shows that a person with normal weight and in fact has much less health problems than those who has overweigh. Everything is clear – nothing new learned.

However, the unexpected surprise is in the other. For people who want to be too skinny – following the fashion or because of the other reasons – this section of the survey results should probably remind that, too skinny have exactly the same level of a higher risk of getting health problems, like too obese people.

The full symmetry of the negative results of the weight deviation from the norm is found by the study of The Gallup Organization. Meanwhile, the best forces of advocates of Ministry of Health focus on the fight against obesity, and nothing “terrible” about the skinny citizens is reported.

Perhaps the external sense of well-being of this group has developed because the number of people who have “excellent” health among people below the normal weight is even more noticeable than among people of normal weight. It is unlikely that this fact should obscure the fact that the number of sick among this group of the U.S. population is exactly the same as among the obese.

2. Next important question – after the “problem of fat Americans” is, of course, smoking.

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.

It seems that doctors say the truth – “smoking is harmful to health.” Indeed the number of people believing that they have excellent health among non-smokers is significantly higher: 34% vs. 25% in smokers. While the number of people with poor health among non-smokers somewhat less. Smokers have 24% of citizens with poor health, whereas among non-smokers 18%.

However, it is impossible not to note that the number of people with normal – “good” ”“ health in both matched groups is practically the same – at half level among the respondents.

3. After the smoking addiction, a drinking of different wine, wash and other vodkas is widely recognized. How far this habit is harmful to health?

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.

It seems that the above picture of the outcome of the study is not quite fit into the long-prevailing representation on this issue in American society. It turns out that people who drink certain alcoholic beverages at least once a week have better health than those who drank less often and certainly much better than those who did and who does not drink at all.

Perhaps it should be noted at once that the excessive drinking, as well as any excess is certainly harmful to health and it seems that Gallup interviewers did not call to the hostels for alcoholics. It is only about politically active citizens that are engaged in productive labor. So among them drinking at least once a week is a factor of health, not harm to that.

4. Finally, a factor which is related to positive one. This is a physical activity – visiting fitness club, individual exercises, etc.

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.

This picture is probably in the most accurate way fit into the existing situation in society. The frequency of exercising by citizens determines in almost direct proportion the probability of finding them feel excellent or at least good and, accordingly, makes them less likely to get into groups with poor health.
5. How does a sense of Americans’ own health change with their age:

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.

The average age of U.S. citizens passing varies by state but it remains somewhere at the level of 78-79 years. At the age of 30 years, about 90% Americans have no health problems. By the turn of the statutory age of retirement opportunities for social insurance – 65 years – still 3 out of 4 Americans do not complain about health.

In conclusion, of course, the most important factor in maintaining health ”“ it is the individual income of citizens.

© 2006 The Gallup Organization, Princeton, NJ.

As it can be seen from this picture the difference between the health of citizens with incomes of less than 30 thousand dollars a year, and those who earn more than 75 thousand is even greater than that between the Americans of 20-30 and 60-70 years old.

It is also worth remembering that alcoholism is one of the major causes of health problems of Americans. As experts of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told 17 % of the adult U.S. population suffers from excessive drinking. According to the CDC, now in the U.S. there are more than 38 million people who excessive take alcohol. By the criteria of CDC, excessive drinking is taking five or more servings of alcohol within two hours. Every sixth person in the country has four times of excessive drinking per month, and at the same time the majority of these people do not suffer from alcoholism. Binge drunk is most common among Americans of 18 to 34 years. According to the CDC, the abuse of alcohol annually kills about 80,000 people. Excessive drinking is associated with 54 types of diseases and injuries, including those resulting from car accidents or violent acts (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010).



The health of Americans is a key indicator of well-being of the nation. The constant exposure to the American population of chemical, biological and physical environmental factors, as a result of poor economic activity, psycho-emotional stress, poor quality of life, led to a decrease in adaptive capacity of the human body and its abilities to the resistance and as a result – poor health and poor prognosis . The main causes of stress development is the growing uncertainty of Americans in the accuracy of the implemented reforms, the poverty of population, crime, social insecurity, industrial and environmental disasters, war and ethnic conflicts, etc. In turn, the stress in social populations exacerbates social conflicts. Unfortunately the general health of the U. S. inhabitants has changed for the worse in recent years. Reliable health of everyone, the improvement of Americans` health is the most important tasks of the state. However, the health of the population by 70-80 per cent depends on individual lifestyles. So, Americans should take better care of their health, changing lifestyles, habits and food culture.


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