Essay on Renaissance

Titian’s Pesaro Madonna (S. Maria dei Frari, Venice) and Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck (Florence, Uffizi) share a sense of deliberately challenging conventions, the better to engage the viewer. Discuss. (max 300 words)

In fact, Titian’s Pesaro Madonna and Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck challenge conventional norms concerning the depiction of Madonna. In all probability, the artists challenged conventional norms for better to draw the audience’s attention. In this regard, it is worth mentioning publicity of Madonna appearance which is quite unusual for the traditional depiction of Madonna, who is normally depicted with Jesus and sometimes accompanied by a saint. Instead, Titian and Parmigianino depict Madonna being surrounded by people, who seem to be awaiting for the news about the birth of Jesus Christ. In this regard, Titian depicts his Madonna sitting high, as if on the throne. However, the concept of the throne was often applied to the depiction of Madonna and Jesus. This trend can be traced in Parmigianino’s work as well. In such a way, both artists stressed the divine authority of Madonna and Jesus.

At the same time, the excessive publicity of Madonna and Jesus are intentional since they attract the audience which can hardly ignore the fact that the sacred event of the birth of Jesus attracted such a public attention. Even though such publicity was unusual and contradicted to traditions, but still this decision of both artists allowed them to increase the interest of the audience to their paintings and revealed the new view on Madonna and Jesus as public people. In fact, the viewer grows more and more engaged as the viewer can uncover new elements, which definitely have their significance that may be hidden at first glance. The publicity and numerous details give numerous insights and hints which the view tries to understand growing more and more engaged in the paintings.

4: Compare and contrast Jacopo Sansovino’s Library of St Mark, Venice, with Palladio’s Basilica, Vicenza, paying especial attention to the use of the orders. (max 300 words)

Jacopo Sansovino’s Library of St Mark, Venice, with Palladio’s Basilica, Vicenza are buildings that are similar to a significant extent in style. At the same time, they bear original elements, which were brought in by their architects that mirrored the original style and vision of the buildings of the artists. The Library of St. Mark has the similar to storied structure as Palladio’s Basilica. At the same time, the exterior of the buildings differs since the Library of St. Mark has straight, right angles, while Basilica has round forms. The interior of both buildings is full of the natural light due to the large windows. Both buildings are spacious, although they were ordered for different purposes. The Library of St. Mark was initially supposed to be the depository of books, which had great value in the time of the creation of the library. Instead Basilica was destined for the government needs. The remarkably feature of Basilica is loggia which was new for that time. The Library of St. Mark, for instance, does not have one. The different purpose of the creation of the two buildings determined the difference of the buildings. For instance, the interior rooms of Basilica are more spacious compared to the Library of St. Mark. Nonetheless, both buildings were masterpieces of their time.


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