Research paper on Fast Food Companies

It is found that the issue concerning the consumption of fast food is an acute one. According to the public health advocates, fast food contains rather high amounts of sodium that are considered to be unhealthy. It is found that sodium has “a detrimental effect on blood pressure” and can cause hypertension if consumed excessively (Crawford, 2012, para.2). Such products as cheese, burgers, French fries, salads, chicken products, pizza and sandwiches contain high amounts of sodium and can be dangerous for public health.

In the article Fast Food Companies Adjust their Salt Content for their Host Countries, David A. Gabel discusses different aspects of this issue. He states that the researchers have found that many fast food companies have already adjusted the salt content of the fast food products to be in line with the initiatives on salt reduction.  As excess salt has negative effect on human health, many countries have already developed their salt reduction initiatives to reduce mortality rate. Among them are the UK, Japan, Ireland and Finland (Gabel, 2012, para.6).

However, many countries do not support this idea as it requires the implementation of new technologies which cost much money. It means that the voluntary efforts to reduce the amounts of salt in the products are not effective. That is why this problem should be solved by the government. It means that in all countries of the world, the effective salt-reduction programs should be introduced gradually over several years in order to improve public health.

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