Research paper on ITV PLC: Opportunities and Threats

Nevertheless, ITV PLC has considerable opportunities for the successful business development. In this regard, the company can maintain its leading position in the UK market. In fact, the company has a solid network which provides services of the high quality to customers nationwide. Therefore, ITV PLC can use the full potential of its domestic network to take the leading position in the market and outpace such rivals as BBC, for instance. At the moment, ITV PLC is just one of the leaders but, in the future, the company can become the absolute number one TV broadcaster in the UK. However, to use this opportunity the company has to accelerate its business development and find the ways to outpace its rivals, such as BBC.

ITV PLC can enhance its position in the international market. At the moment, the company is trying to expand its business internationally but its efforts have not brought considerable progress to the company. Even though ITV PLC operates internationally but the company has not realized its full potential yet because, if the company conducts aggressive international market expansion policy, ITV PLC can become one of the major players in the international broadcasting market.

Therefore, ITV PLC can become one of the world’s or Europe’s leading broadcasters. The company can take a strong marketing position in Europe due to the physical proximity to European customers but, more important, the UK is politically and economically close to the EU that opens larger opportunities for ITV PLC to penetrate European market successfully. At any rate, the company will not face any fiscal barriers since the EU encourages free trade and capital movement within member states.

3.4 Threats

At the same time, ITV PLC should be aware of possible threats the company may face in the future under the impact of external factors. In fact, some of these threats the company has been already exposed to. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the high competition in both the domestic and international market is one of the major threats to the position of the company. In actuality, the competition in the broadcasting industry is tighter at the international level because of the larger number of companies and their capitalization. If ITV PLC is definitely one of the leaders in the UK market, then the company has to invest substantial funds to expand its network and to offer services of the top quality that meet needs and expectations of the target customer group to take a leading position in the international market.

The fast development of internet as the mainstream media threatens to the position of ITV PLC, although the company moves online too. In fact, internet can challenge the position of the company since the audience can turn from television to internet. Nevertheless, the company has already started to prevent this threat developing its online division. However, the company should be aware of the fact that the impact of internet on the audience will grow stronger and ITV PLC has to allocate its resources correctly to maintain its competitive position and to eliminate existing threats.

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