Research paper on Marketing Strategy

Tropicana Juice is one of the leading companies operating in the beverage market that specializes on manufacturing of the orange juice. The company has proved to be quite successful and, at the moment, Tropicana Juice holds one of the leading positions in the US and world market of the orange juice. At the same time, the company confronts numerous challenges in its business development, such as the tightening competition and the negative economic environment because of the economic recession and global financial crisis. Nevertheless, Tropicana Juice still focuses on the further market expansion. The strategy of the international market expansion has been launched in the 1990s and, today, the company attempts to enhance this strategy to improve its position in the international as well as domestic market. In this regard, the acquisition of Tropicana Juice by Pepsi Co. did not stop the growth of the company but, in contrast, accelerated its further business development and enhance the international market aspirations of Tropicana Juice. In such a situation, Tropicana Juice has to take into consideration both internal and external factors that may affect the performance of the company consistently and influence its marketing At the same time, the company should stick to its marketing strategy oriented on the manufacturing of products of the high quality and international market expansion to reach the customer satisfaction worldwide, due to the orange juice of the top quality supplied by the company.

The internal environment of Tropicana Juice

The internal environment of Tropicana Juice is basically favorable for the company because the company has substantial internal resources and considerable potential to grow. At the moment the growth potential is very important for the company because the contemporary globalized economy raises new challenges in face of companies. At the moment, large multinational corporations play the leading part in the international business development, while local companies cannot always resist to the expansion of large multinational corporations. In such a situation, the potential of the company to growth is very important because Tropicana Juice can use its full potential to enhance its competitive position and to take advantage in the market to outpace its rivals (Murphy, 2005). Internal resources are particularly important for the accumulation of the growth potential of the company because it is the internal resources that may allow the company to boost its business development and internal resources are under the company’s control, while external ones are more difficult, if possible at all, to control.

The company’s traditions and organizational culture are very important internal factors that may affect the performance of Tropicana Juice consistently. The company has its traditions and well-developed organizational culture, while the maintenance of the healthy organizational culture is one of the priorities of the company at the moment. Tropicana Juice was always concerned with the development of the healthy ambiance and organizational culture within the company (Howard,  2007). The long history of the company and its traditions comprise the core of relationships between managers and employees, between employees and customers. Tropicana Juice attempts to preserve its traditions and to maintain its healthy organizational culture.

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