Research paper on Mobile phones and Mobile applications

People are also able to learn through mobile phones. Personal digital assistants as well as mobile phones are the most widely spread technologies for mobile learning (Naismith, 2004). It is considered to be another important mobile application among existing ones. Android mobile applications also provide an opportunity to learn by means of a mobile phone due to the development of electronic libraries. Android mobile applications are spreading around the world which results in the need of application programmers in order to implement their knowledge and new ideas into the contemporary technologies. Android-based smartphones are especially popular having over 50 thousand already developed Android applications. The market of Android mobile phones is also growing at a high speed with new technological devices constantly being released. There are several advantages of the Android platform which include the following:

-      GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other technologies aimed at sending and receiving information through mobile networking.

-      Libraries with 2D and 3D graphics.

-      Libraries for audio and video files.

-      Touchscreen

-      Video camera

-      Google Talk

-      SQLite installation, etc (Mazumder, 2010).

All these applications prove the constant growth of technological sphere in regard to mobile phones. Mobile applications development has been investigated for many years from the points of software engineering and information systems.

Speaking about mobile applications, it is necessary to mention the applications which are still being developed. The diabetes mobile applications are one of them. Interest in mobile health applications for self-evaluation of diabetes is increasing. In 2009 there were nearly 60 diabetes applications on such devices as iPhone. However, in a few years their number grew to 260 applications. Other mobile platforms such as Android experience the same tendency. Nevertheless, the possible impact of social media on diabetes mobile health applications is still not clearly investigated.

It is important to note that Android and Apple have many similar mobile applications, such as Bible videos, LDS tools, LDS music and others which enable people to quickly get necessary information. Android, however, beats Apple with 44 percent of worldwide share of mobile applications. According to recent research, the open source strategy of Android greatly contributes to its quick growth and success. It makes Android a new leader in the market of mobile applications. A well-developed monetizing policy attracts a great number of experienced programmers and creates a much better range of applications. It also provides good customer service.

Nowadays, customers have a great variety of alternatives in choosing mobile applications. Their choice of a certain mobile application depends on their needs and wishes. Some of them may choose Apple, others ”“ Android mobile applications, but it is evident that such a vast variety of different applications and their stable growth is an important part of modern technological development.

In conclusion it is important to say that mobile industry is constantly growing and is enriched by more and more mobile applications. Together with such mobile platforms as Windows Mobile and Apple the market of Android mobile applications is growing at a high speed. This literary review has researched a number of Android mobile applications, and it is predicted that in the nearest future their number will increase dramatically, leading to further development of Android mobile market. Having reviewed certain researches on this matter, it is necessary to conclude that further growth of mobile application development plays a major role in communication and sharing information. Besides, the fast development of mobile services and applications provides people an opportunity to keep updated and develop their businesses.


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