Research paper on My Work and My Parents Work

It is true that the jobs are of great importance in the lives of everyone. The job is not so much a source of material resources as a lifestyle, a kind of communication, implementation of existing talents and abilities. Thus, a really good job has to bring satisfaction (both moral and material) to a person. It is a well-known fact that the job, which brings both the physical and psychological health, as a rule, brings more income because a person is ready to put all the own heart and energy into such kind of job. Thus, we are going to discuss different kinds of jobs for the purpose to understand their essence better.

At the beginning, it is important to mention that my parents were working in different spheres; my mother was a housewife, and my father was a printer, and a locksmith. Someone can argue that to be a housewife is not a job for woman, but I would disagree with such a possible remark. I can say that to be a housewife is a really hard job because this job includes not only everyday work all around the house, but it also includes different responsibilities before other family members. My mother was really great in her childrearing mission, and I can say that she was always happy, being not only a good mother, but also an excellent wife for my father. On the one hand, my mother had no possibility to earn money, being always busy with her household cares, but on the other hand, positive emotional, psychological and physical atmosphere in our family cost much more than all the riches of the world.

Thinking about my father’s jobs, it is possible to say that he liked his jobs too, because his dream was to help people and, being a locksmith, he found his realization in helping people to repair something in their houses and making their life easier and more comfortable. My father was always saying that it is important to be ready to make something by the own hands and all our friends were always saying that my father had clever hands.

Being honest, I can say that my father was always a kind of example for me in my work experience because he was always ready to help people in spite of everything, thinking much more about common good than about the own profit. Today I work in fast food restaurants as a cook, and a janitor, and it is not a job of my dream because I am rather ambitious person, and there are many thoughts in my head about my future job, but I also know that any kind of experience is necessary and I respect my job and all my responsibilities now.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that I will achieve great success in my job, and I will find a job of my dream in some time. I want my parents to be proud of me because my mission is to realize my different talents and my potential in my future job, and not to work only for salary. Of course, I want to see my job as a rich and meaningful activity, and my parents showed me the ways how to respect the own job, and they also taught me how to be happy in life working in positive way.

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