Research paper on Principles of Practice Management

In actuality, the maintenance of the effective communication style is very important for the functioning of health care organizations. In terms of the current paper, I will focus on the detailed analysis of the current situation in Ash Hall Surgery, where the practice manager attempts to tackle the problem of effective communication system. At the moment, Ash Hall Surgery faces the problem of the poor communication that affects the overall effectiveness of the organizational performance. The practice manager fails to develop an effective communication system, which is essential for the improvement of the organizational performance and performance of each employee working in Ash Hall Surgery. This is why, I would like to conduct the in-depth analysis of possible solutions to the problem of the poor communication in Ash Hall Surgery and to make suggestions concerning possible improvements and introduction of changes that can enhance the communication system in Ash Hall Surgery. In this regard, I would focus on the improvement of the communication system through the introduction of regular meetings conducted by the practice manager and involving all the personnel of the organization, the development of intranet for the effective communication and organizational database for data storage, and effective control over the implementation of the new communication system from the part of the practice manager.

Options available to the practice manager to provide effective regular communication within Ash Hall Surgery

In actuality, the improvement of the communication system in Ash Hall Surgery should start with elimination of current problems and development of effective approaches to enhance the communication within the organization. The practice manager should conduct regular meetings with the staff members. At the moment, the practice manager conducts meeting irregularly that undermines their effectiveness. Therefore, regular meetings are essential for the establishment of the effective communication within the organization between staff members and the practice manager. The practice manager can establish positive relations and to obtain important information in the course of regular meetings. Employees will have an opportunity to communicate their problems to other employees and the practice manager in the course of regular meetings. Hence, Ash Hall Surgery will benefit from regular meetings, while the communication system will improve consistently due to regular meetings and better communication between the practice manager and employees of the organization.

Furthermore, staff members should have an opportunity to report any problems or challenges they face in the course of their work to the practice manager, while the practice manager should range the problems and discuss them during regular meetings. Hence, health care professionals working in Ash Hall Surgery can use mobile devices and intranet to provide detailed reports for the practice manager. Therefore, the practice manager should introduce the reporting system that allows employees to report any problems or challenges they face in their work immediately. In such a way, the effective communication between employees and the practice manager will allow them to solve problems fast and effectively.

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