Research paper on Reluctance in Sales Data Sharing

Traditionally sales managers of different sales departments are unwilling to share information with each other concerning their sales. One of the major reasons for the unwillingness of sales managers to share sales data with their counterparts is their intention to set the pace in sales since, if they do not share their sales information to their counterparts, they can present their performance as positive and they can manifest positive performance of their department. In addition, the unwillingness of sales manager to share their information about sales can be explained by changes in the department’s performance after changes introduced by the manager. In such a way, the counterpart of the manager can learn what steps are effective to use to increase their sales. However, all these reasons are justified by the intention of each sales department manager to make the company selling as much products as possible via his/her department. In such a way, hiding the sales information from the counterpart, the sales department manager can present the full information to the board and to make the board choose his/her department as the key sales department.

Such hiding of information may have a negative effect because managers of sales department fail to learn positive experience of their counterparts. For instance, the reluctance of a manager to provide all information to its counterpart may lead to misinforming the company about the current sales and the company will fail to make accurate accounting and forecast concerning the further business development.

To prevent the reluctance in sales data sharing, managers should cooperate closely and support each other. The unification of both sales department under the lead of one manager may be an effective solution.

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