Research paper on School sadism and drug abuse

The system of school education in the USA has been severely criticized from the first days of its existence. Every year, millions of parents, activists and initiative groups demand federal, state and local authorities to improve the educational sphere. Some of them disapprove high prices on textbooks, others dislike the quality of education, and still others think that in modern American schools children feel insecure.

The USA spends huge sums of money on official discussions, forums and conferences on the matter of educational perspectives in the country. However, the issues remain the same. The following paper investigates the biggest issue of local American schools school sadism and drug abuse. The USA numbers thousands of organizations that deal with school sadism. The country spends millions of dollars on various acts against juvenile delinquency. Only in New York, there are over thirty laws designed to decrease the level of violence at schools. Unfortunately, the level of school sadism remains the same. According to the official data, every third child undergoes psychological and physical abuse from other students. As a result, many children suffer from depressions and phobias and make attempts to commit suicide.

Another important issue related to school sadism is drug abuse. Independent investigations of Help for Troubled Teens Organization show that drug trade takes place in 99% of American schools. Local authorities, however, do not recognize this statistics.

There are a number of ways to deal with the issue faced by local schools. Some scholars consider that it would be useful to have better guards at schools in order to eliminate school sadism and drug abuse. A good guard certainly represents a protective force for children. However, this is not enough. What should really be done is reconstruction of children’s attitude to school, classmates, teachers and life itself. There should be certain organizations that would help children overcome psychological problems which make them commit violence or use drugs.

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