Research paper on Sociology of Medicine

Individuals with chronic diseases often feel as if they are being discriminated against.  Most chronic illnesses eventually result in a form of disability. “All to often, prejudice against persons with disabilities results in discrimination: unequal treatment grounded in prejudice”ť. (Weitz, Pg.124). Pamela’s Interviewee #1 perceived she experienced discrimination in the workplace since as she could not perform her professional functions because of her health problems and she was terminated. The discrimination of patients with chronic disease in the workplace environment persists because they cannot always find employment or remain at their positions after they develop a chronic disease and their physical condition deteriorates. The physical deterioration of their conditions may result in a disability. “The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlaws discrimination in employment, public services, and public accommodations (including restaurants, hotesl, and stores. (Weitz, Pg.124).  Although some patients with chronic diseases, such as Pamela’s Interviewee’s #2, can carry on working, regardless of their health problems, the discrimination of patients with chronic diseases in the field of employment is still quite frequent. In contrast, Laureen’s Orozco’s, Interviewee #1, stated that they had never experienced discrimination and that “most people don’t know anything is wrong with me until I tell them, or they find out.  Additionally, Evan Robles subject #1 stated”ť “Oh, no I haven’t been discriminated against. I think most people can’t tell something’s wrong with me for the most part (laughs)”ť.

The discrimination is one of the main problems of people with chronic diseases because they perceive discrimination as they are limited in their activities and their chronic diseases always pose some limitations, as opposed to their previous lives prior to the inception of the chronic illness.  This comparison, or “the emphasis of the continuity between their previous and current live and selves refers to the concept of biographical flow.”ť (Weitz, Pg. 131).

In conclusion, patients with chronic diseases encounter a number of issues. The deterioration of their health is just a part of what they address. The lack of financial resources and social exclusion are particularly serious problems many patients with chronic diseases confront. In addition, they may suffer from discrimination.  Patients with chronic diseases may need assistance from their families, health care professionals, as well as financial support for the funding of their illnesses.

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