Research paper online on Budget Hotel

it is important to place emphasis on the fact that clients will customize their suits online. They will access the official website of the target hotel, find the customized suits category, and start search for possible equipment and conveniences available at the hotel. Customers can choose any option they like (Van Looy, Gemmel, and Van Dierdonk, 2003). As they choose an item for their suit, the price of the suit will be calculated automatically. In such a way, customers will know how much they will have to pay for their suit. Moreover, customers can balance the price and comfort customizing their suits online. In this regard, the hotel can offer a variety of specifications which are not expensive but still make customers feel comfortable.

At the same time, customers will not be able to cancel the order in twelve hours before they arrive to the hotel. Otherwise, customers will have to cover the costs of customizing their suits. In such a way, budget hotels will protect themselves from unnecessary costs of customizing suits, in case customers refuse from staying in the hotel. The customized suits will be available to the broad customer group but the most important thing about customized suits is their convenience, easiness to order such suits, according to their needs, and flexibility of their price. In fact, customers can decide how much they pay for the suit (Drucker, 1985). In such a way, the budget hotel offering customized suits will diversify their suits and offers that will attract a larger number of customers.

In addition, customers can benefit from booking suits online. In such a way, they can order suits online that means that they can order their suits any time they like from their home, workplace, or anywhere where they have access to internet. In such a way, the budget hotel can easily reach its target customer group online, while customers can be attracted by easiness of ordering the customized suits (Viardot, 2001). In fact, customization of suits online is very convenient for both customers and budget hotels but customers should confirm their order, at least and no later than twelve hours before arriving to the hotel, where they are going to stay in the customized suits

Customized Suits in Premier Inn

Premier Inn can introduce customized suits because the company has extensive network of budget hotels in the UK and other countries of the world. In such a way, the company can use the full potential of customized hotels to attract a larger amount of customers (Eastham, Sharples, and Ball, 2001). In actuality, the company has both technological and human resources to introduce the innovation. However, the company may need to outsource the provision of IT services to maintain the customized suit online service.

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