Term paper on Africa Counts: Methods of counting

Furthermore, the author focused on the analysis of specific counting methods. In this regard, she revealed the fact that counting in words is very popular and widely-spread in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the same time, the development of counting in words proves good mathematical skills of the local population because counting in words is quite challenging and needs proficient mathematical skills.

In addition, Zaslavsky reveals the popularity of counting in gestures in Sub-Saharan Africa. This method is also quite complex, if complex mathematical calculations are made. The author points out that, even though the local population tends to use simple mathematical calculations, some people still could make complex calculations which were difficult to make without written records.

As for written counting, Zazlavsky reveals that this way of counting is not widely-spread in the region because of different reasons, including the lack of writing utensils. The underdeveloped written counting in Sub-Saharan Africa still cannot prevent the spread of mathematical skills among the local population. People easily use other methods of counting.

3 Measurement of quantities in Sub-Saharan Africa

At the same time, the counting and use of mathematical skills is always purposeful. In this regard, Zaslavsky points out that the population of Sub-Saharan Africa uses counting and their mathematical skills for different purposes. For instance, they can measure time and measuring time in Sub-Saharan Africa differs substantially from measuring time in Europe or America, for instance. They do not use hours and minutes as westerners do. Instead, they mainly use such concepts as days, for instance.

Remarkably days may be used not only for measuring time in Sub-Saharan Africa but also for measuring distance. People living in Sub-Saharan Africa measure distance using variables which may be also attributed to time. In addition, they use body parts and other associations with different objects to measure distance.

Measuring weight in Sub-Saharan Africa is also widely-spread and the local population has reached proficiency in this field.

4 Mathematics and financial issues in Sub-Saharan Africa

The local population also uses mathematics for manipulating money in Sub-Saharan Africa, although money are less significant in this region compared to America or Europe.

Keeping accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa is also quite unpopular in the region, although local wealthy people do keep accounts to keep their wealth under control, even if their wealth consists of a herd of domestic animals. As a rule, keeping accounts in Sub-Saharan Africa is used for economic activities and regular operations.

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