Term paper on Best American Poetry

According to the Best American Poetry, in consciousness of modern writers in many countries of the world, including the USA, there was a withdrawal from representation that traditional forms, ideas and understanding of history, can fill human life with sense and feeling of link of times. Succession of events after the Second World War led to the fact that history began to perceive as continuity violation: each action, experience and an instant were thought as something unique.

Style and form were considered from now as something conditional, some kind of improvisation reflecting creative process and consciousness of the author. Habitual categories of thought expressions began to cause suspicion: originality was erected in a rank of new tradition.

Theodore Roethke and Billy Collins

            According to the Best American Poetry, Theodor Roethke is the native of a family of German immigrants.

Roethke’s poetic system has absorbed the traditions of philosophical and religious lyrics of the English metaphysical, romantic pantheism, and partly of American transcendentalism. The poet’s aesthetic views are set out in the articles collected in his book On the Poet and his Craft.

Collins is an author, who enjoys the recognition of eminent intellectuals and poets such as Edward Hirsch. Billy Collins is American origin, the poet-metaphysician and a provocateur, crafty interrogator. He is a mocker, glorifying void, and his poems, clever, ironic, beautifully composed, addressed to the deepest mysteries of human existence. At the same time, Collins is popular among the general public, and it is a well-known fact that very few people can be among the modern poets.

Poem Dolor by Theodore Roethke

            Theodore Roethke’s poem is a thirteen-line lyrical composition that explores and researches the human’s response to a life forced in a sorely repetitive determined environment. The title of author’s poem sets the mood of deep sorrow, some kind of grief, and hard pain. These feelings are totally unrelieved and very difficult to believe in all surrounding events, as the accumulated details and other stuff of office life overcome the speaker of the composition.

The beginning of Dolor shows a ferocious graphic image of a typical 40’s situation in office. The person is covered under the sharp detritus of sad office life and only pencils, folders, pads and paper clips can be the best friends.

Extremely grey atmosphere, emptiness and routine became as a normal conditions of growing mechanization of the office life. At the same time, everyone is the same, having similar behave, job, actions. People started losing themselves, their souls and their humanity. An office is able to make a robot of a persona, and this robot will listen to the orders, trying to do his or her best.

In Dolor we can see the death of human individuality and death of handcraft. Of course, for authority it is better and easier to set the person into the box, around the same boxes, and watch. But it is not good for everyone and it is very pity that none is ready to fight against such regime.  And it is understandable because everybody needs a job, money, food and other necessities of life.

And the author is talking about these problems with so sadness, grief, and emotions.

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