Term paper on Bramante and Aesthetics of High Renaissance

The High Renaissance was an important point in the development of the Renaissance art which marked the enhancement of the antique, classical art on the European art. At the same time, the High Renaissance art marked the high style of the Renaissance art and had different manifestations in painting, architecture and other forms of art. In this regard, the role of Donato Bramante can hardly be underestimated because he became one of the founders of the High Renaissance style in architecture. In fact, Donato Bramante laid the foundation to the High Renaissance in architecture and his works had had a considerable impact on many architects and artists. At the same time, Donato Bramante’s High Renaissance style revealed the strong trend to aesthetic in his work, where he put the beauty of the art work above its functional role.

The High Renaissance is the full-scale revival of ancient Roman commemorative architecture. The High Renaissance style in European architecture absorbed advanced trends of the Renaissance art and combined them with elements and themes of the classical, ancient Roman art. The High Renaissance attempted to continue the classical, ancient Roman architecture and revived it in the new Renaissance art.

The High Renaissance is the high style in the architecture. This style was quite different from the conventional Renaissance art. Instead, artists focused on superior themes and aesthetically rich elements. In fact, artists working in the High Renaissance art focused on the aesthetic aspect of works of art. They attempted to make the artistic beauty closer to people. They attempted to make the audience admiring about the art and develop their aesthetic values.

Donato Bramante was one of the first architects, who had started introducing elements of the High Renaissance elements in the Renaissance art. He was vulnerable to a considerable impact of painting and he attempted to extrapolate elements of painting on architecture. He was inclined to experiments and attempted to make his works more beautiful and interesting for the audience. Bramante attempted to make his works pleasant for artists and attracted many people.

Bramante changed conventional architectural space by inserting illusionistic features more typical of painting and stage setting. In such a way, the inclusion of painting trends and elements in architectural style of Bramante contributed to the development of aesthetic values and style of the audience. The artist attempted to make the unique style that made his works interesting and attractive for the artist. In fact, Bramante attempted to create beautiful and attractive works, which are superior in their beauty compared to conventional works of art. The artist made beauty and aesthetic his major priorities in his works.

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