Term paper on Budget Hotel Premier Inn

Premier Inn should take into consideration several factors. First of all, the development of the customized suits online service will need the introduction of changes in the suit equipment because suits should be customized according to customers’ needs and orders. In this regard, the company may provide a standardized set of suits, which may be easily modified according to needs of customers (Gitlow, 1997). The company will just need to purchase additional equipment and items that may be needed for customers. At the same time, the company will not need to purchase equipment and items for all suits. Instead, the company should just purchase a reasonable amount of equipment which may be supplied to the suit, where customers need it. In such a way, Premier Inn will reach the high level of flexibility in equipping its suits.

In addition, the company will have to change its pricing policies. As customized suits will have a flexible price that depends on the equipment of suits and items ordered by customers, the company will have to develop flexible pricing policy to make their customized hotels affordable for customers and profitable for the company (Slack, Chambers, and Johnston, 2010).

Furthermore, Premier Inn should pay a particular attention to the information security. Information breaches and unauthorized access of the third parties to the private information of customers of the hotel are absolutely unacceptable because they affect the privacy right of customers and may uncover private information of customers of the hotel (Peters, 2002). Therefore, Premier Inn should outsource customized suit online service and information system to provide the website and customers with the high level of information protection.

Success of Customized Suits

Obviously, the success of customized suits is closely intertwined with the flexibility of the price and the high level of the customer satisfaction because customers can customize their suits according to their tastes, needs and preferences (Harrisson, and Enz, 2010). At this point, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that customized suits offered by the budget hotel online is an innovative service that has never been used before in budget hotels. Therefore, Premier Inn can benefit from introducing such service online. At any rate, the company will outpace its major rivals, who fail to introduce the new service before Premier Inn.

In addition, the customized suits are beneficial for the public image of the budget hotel because they attract customers, increase their satisfaction and loyalty (Mullins, 2001). In fact, suits customized online are very convenient for customers. Therefore, Premier Inn can succeed while introducing customized suits online service. The company can increase the customer loyalty that is crucial in the time of the economic crisis (Teare, Adams, and Messenger, 1992). In such a way, the company can rely on its loyal customers to maintain its marketing performance stable. As a result, Premier Inn can introduce cost-efficient innovation that can bring considerable benefits to the company. On the other hand, customers will also enjoy the new online service from Premier Inn.


Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is important to place emphasis on the fact that current problems in the budget hotel industry forces budget hotels to introduce innovations. Innovations can help budget hotels to stumble through the economic recession and gain the customer loyalty. At the same time, innovations put budget hotels in an advantageous position compared to their rivals. In such a situation, Premier Inn can introduce the customized suits online service which can attract customers and increase the popularity of the hotel among customers. The customized suit online service involves the customization of the hotel’s suit respectively to needs and preferences of customers. In addition, customized suits make the pricing policy of the company flexible, while suits become more affordable and convenient for customers. Moreover, customers can customize suits online that is very comfortable for them. At the same time, the company should introduce an effective information system to protect the private information of customers from external intrusion. Thus, customized suits can bring considerable benefits to Premier Inn.

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