Term paper on ITV PLC weaknesses

ITV PLC still has some weaknesses The company still has to develop its network internationally. Holding a strong position in the domestic market, the position of ITV PLC is still uncertain at the international level. The under-developed international network prevents the company from the fast international market expansion. As a result, the company cannot realize its full potential and accelerate its business development. The international network development is challenging and costly. Therefore, the company needs substantial financial resources to fund its expansion, although the financial position of ITV PLC is stable and the company can raise funds to carry on the strategy of the international market expansion (ITV PLC Summary, 2012).

As ITV PLC operates internationally, the company has to focus on the localization of its operations, including the employment of local employees.  In other words, as the company has developed its network in the UK, ITV PLC can expand its operations internationally. The company has both human and financial resources to conduct the international market expansion successfully. However, the company is likely to face substantial difficulties because the international market is different and the company has to adapt to the specific cultural environment as well as the company has to take into consideration technological and social environment. The available resources cannot boost the international market expansion of the company for a while. Hence, ITV PLC still has to find the ways to boost its international market expansion. At the moment, the international network of the company is rather weak and the company has to adapt its international outlets to local customers’ needs.

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