Term paper on Law & Ethics

  1. Final list of my life principles

I aim to live in the full accordance with my personal values and moral principles. It has to be noted that my life principles were formed under influence of many outstanding personalities that have managed to make a great impact and even change the history or the process of human development. Among of my deepest fears the following could be named: to leave no trace in the lives of other people, to make no useful contribution into society and do not pay enough efforts to develop my personality and intelligence.

1.1.One of my favourite quotes belongs to Steve Jobs:  “I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.” It corresponds to my life principles ”˜I will not do things that I feel ashamed telling others’ and ”˜I will not put money as my first priority when making a decision’. I think that Steve Jobs’ experience as a businessman reflects these principles and is a perfect example when the moral life principles ere applied in the business world.  It is known that success is often measured by power, wealth accumulation, popularity and control. But I believe that the true success should be measured by the moral and ethical qualities of the individual and his (or her) ability to respect other beings. As for the money, the most important thing is to be able to follow your heart and to do what you love to do, and then hopefully may follow.

1.2.My next principle is ”˜Everything is possible’. There are no limits for human development and therefore we should not limit ourselves and develop various sides of our personality to become successful and to accomplish our ambitions. I’m going to continue to learn and grow for all my life but at the same time I accept myself for who I am at this very moment.

1.3.Another interesting principle that I’ve adopted is that it that ”˜I have to turn my ideas into actions’. It is extremely important to implement your ideas into life because this ability defines successful person. I always stop myself from complaining about my life and say that I should do something to change the situation. There are some people who have great ideas for instance to start a company but they scare or too lazy to participate in life. Therefore I aim to turn my ideas into action. Obviously such things as believing in you, spending time to set right goals, being persistent when faced with a setback, and taking small steps forward are important elements of this life principle. In addition, it has to be noted that I’m trying not to dwell on the past or what could have been but instead but instead I’m focusing on moving forward.  I realize that the boundaries have to be pushed in order to change the situation, to make a necessary shift. My personal belief is that first of all you should love the process of doing something. For instance, you may enjoy the process of creation of painting, or gathering the information about the object of the discussion, making an analysis and coming to certain conclusions.

1.4. I prefer quality rather than quantity. This principle may be applied towards people, relationships and things. I’d prefer to have one friend, but a true one. I choose one coat but the best quality.

These are the major principles that help me to lead a better life.





  1. Identification and description of the person interviewed

The ethical evaluation is applied to any activity or occupation. Ethical dilemmas are considered as an integral part of our life and they may appear on absolutely each level of social hierarchy ”“ from the lowest to the highest one. The person I interviewed is a production manager in a small cosmetic lab/manufacturing company. I work there for a summer as the accounting assistant.

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