Term paper on Live Project

The work on the Live Project was very important for me because this project contributed to my professional and personal development greatly. At the same time, the work in a team was challenging because I did not have extensive experience of team work and this work was relatively new for me, especially taking into consideration that we worked on a long-lasting project. At the same time, the work in a team contributed to the development of my professional skills and abilities because I could enhance my communication and organizational skills and, more important, I have learned to work in a team. Furthermore, I have learned the theoretical background of teamwork and I have revealed how the theory can be applied successfully in practice. In such a way, the new experience I acquired in the course of the Live Project has proved to be very efficient for me and I have managed to expand my skills and abilities which may be very important for my further professional development. Therefore, my work in the course of the Live Project was accompanied by numerous challenges but the overall effect of my work on the Live Project was positive because I learned how to work in a team effectively and I developed my professional skills and abilities.

Theory of team working

On analyzing my work on the Live Project, I would like to place emphasis on the fact that my work was oriented on the team and team’s need and goals. In fact, I worked in a team and that was quite new experience for me because I had little experience of team work. As a result, I needed to develop new experience and skills of work in a team. In this regard, I paid a particular attention to the analysis of the theoretical framework of teamwork. I decided to use the teamwork theory as the basis for my work in a team because I believe that the theoretical framework is essential for the successful team work.

In this regard, I chose the Tuckman’s teamwork theory explains the development of the team accurately. At any rate, our team has passed through the four phases defined by Tuckman in his theory. At the same time, the analysis of the Tuckman’s teamwork theory helped me to understand what was going on in our team as we worked on the project. The understanding of the development of the teamwork helped me to avoid numerous conflicts and problems that could have arouse if I was unaware of the essence of team work in theory. The Tuckman’s teamwork theory suggested four stages, which a team should pass before it reaches its goals. The four stages include forming, norming, storming and performing.

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