Term paper on Practice Management

planning the change will involve the elaboration of detailed plan of the implementation of the change step by step. In fact, the practice manager should have the clear and accurate plan of the implementation of the change. The practice manager should understand what to do to reach positive effects (Zuckerman, 2006). In addition, the accurate plan will help to introduce changes at any stage of the implementation of the plan, if something goes wrong.

The practice manager should schedule regular meetings with the staff. However, the problem of scheduling of regular meetings for all employees arises. Some employees may fail to attend meetings. For instance, part time employees may be absent during regular meetings (Limentani, 1999). The practice manager should find the time between shifts, for instance, when all employees are at the workplace, to conduct regular meetings. Part time employees may receive information on regular meetings as well as problems discussed on regular meetings from full time employees and Ash Hall Surgery’s database.

The development of the intranet will be the next step in the implementation of the new communication system. The intranet will connect all employees and the practice manager working in Ash Hall Surgery. At this point, the practice manager may face the problem of difficulties some employees may have while using the intranet (Charns, 1997). This problem may be resolved through training of employees. The intranet will need the implementation of new information technologies and telecommunication systems. The practice manager should outsource the development and maintenance of the intranet to a reliable IT company.

In addition, the database of Ash Hall Surgery will have to be created. However, the development of intranet and database raises the problem of information security (Greene, 1998). Ash Hall Surgery can outsource information security system and information technologies to maintain the information security system (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2003). In such a way, the organization will protect the private information of clients and organization (Ekmekci & Turley, 2008). In fact, the development of the database of the organization can help to increase the effectiveness of the organization and communication within the organization.

Monitoring of the new communication system by the practice manager

At the same time, the practice manager should monitor the new communication system regularly. Otherwise, the practice manager may fail to complete the implementation of the new communication system (Guo & Anderson, 2005). Monitoring of the new communication system will be conducted by the practice manager, who has to conduct the detailed analysis of the performance of the new communication system and how it affects the organizational performance and performance of each employee.

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