Term paper on Prompt Answer for UC

First of all I would like to start by saying that my name is Faris Alshawi. I am from Saudi Arabia. I am a very single-minded person. Thus, I would like to tell about my personal qualities, talents, accomplishments, and the ways how these accomplishments make me proud and how do they relate to the formation of my personality.

To begin, I want to state that I am so fortunate to have a very good family with strong ethical values and beliefs. My family has given me unconditional love and understanding, which made me self-confident person full of different talents and creative ideas. I loved many different subjects at school, and my school education allowed me to realize that our world is full of unexplored opportunities and it is always important to continue the own education much more beyond the frames of school curriculum. I like to develop and optimize different processes and methods, while my creative nature helps me to communicate with people as good as I can “communicate” with technical devices. For instance, I love to help people concerning computers because I have learned several computer languages such as C++ and visual basic for computer design, and it gives me an opportunity to see a presence of some regularities in different things which go far from computer reality. Moreover, I need also to add that I have an experience in professional fixing of different computer problems because I worked at my uncle’s shop in Saudi Arabia. Thus, due to my occupation with computers I have an analytical habit of mind. I want to mark such peculiarities of my mind as logic, attentiveness, ability to count the situation in advance. I am a very diligent and assiduous person. I am sure that these qualities will help me to achieve my goal and to finish all my projects in the most successful way.

Being honest, I need to say that my life was full of different events, but I never gave up because I strongly believe that new challenges make the person’s character stronger and help the person to overcome all the hardships on the way to success. I like to participate in different risk initiatives, and I proud of myself that I signed up for high school musical during my first year in New Zealand, having no experience in this area. This experience allowed me to participate in community useful activity and to prove that I can overcome many hardships using the own diligence and will to win. Of course, it was not an easy way for me, but I found enough efforts to do everything in a proper way and my participation in musical allowed people to look at me from another perspective. In such a way, I came to the understanding that I had accomplished something very important to my future development and my actions also were very important to my community.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that every person should develop the own personality during the life and I always try not to miss various opportunities to learn something new and to improve my character. In addition, I think that my experience in different areas both made my character firm and my mind sharp, and these characteristics will help me to achieve success in any area.

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