Term paper on Scandalous Secrets

Scandalous Secrets is a TV show that raises important issues which affect considerably the life of the contemporary society. In fact, the TV show focuses on basic issues which raise the public debate and draw the public attention. At the same time, the TV show has racial and gender biases. On the other hand, the TV show attempts to draw the public attention to important issues to resolve socially significant problems.

In actuality, the show depicts the life of Olivia Pope. The star of the show is Mrs. Kerry Washington. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the main star of the show already manifests deeply-rooted biases and gender-related stereotypes. To put it more precisely, the main star of the show represents a female as a subject to the sexual attractiveness. At any rate, the physical appearance of the star of the show is much more important rather than her intellectual capabilities and expertise.

Furthermore, the show often raises racial issues since representatives of the racial minorities are often under-represented in the TV show. As a result, the audience may form erroneous views on representatives of racial minorities. For instance, often representatives of African American community are depicted as aggressive and violent, while the show fails to provide the broad overview of all participants of the show and their background, while the selection of participants of the show is grounded on the interest of the show.

Thus, the television show Scandalous Secrets is vulnerable to racial and gender-related biases, which have multiple manifestations in the show. The show has a considerable impact on the audience and may form the public opinion in relation to race and gender roles.

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