Term paper on Six sigma greenbelt

What would be the roles and responsibilities of a six sigma greenbelt in your organization?

It is known that one of the major goals of any company is to improve the quality of its products or services in order to remove wasted expenses from the basic processes. The six sigma process is an effective process that any company can use for improvement of the quality management programs of the company (Munro 2).  These improvements can easily increase customer satisfaction. In my organization, a six sigma greenbelt is of great importance. The roles and responsibilities of a six sigma greenbelt in my organization would be focused on several aspects. A six sigma greenbelt would be responsible not only for leading and controlling the so-called greenbelt project teams, but also greenbelt would provide essential assistance in data collection and analysis for the project teams of black belt. In my organization, greenbelt project teams would solve some specific problems of the company’s lower level projects, including reduction of variations in the employees’ quotes provided by employees. The roles and responsibilities of a six sigma greenbelt should be opposed to black belt program level, such as the increasing in the company’s overall manufacturing capacity. Moreover, a six sigma greenbelt would instruct on the effective use of the Six Sigma’s five phase method: Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control, or DMAIC method in order to resolve Six Sigma projects in a proper way. In addition, greenbelt would also be well versed in the project tools including histograms, Gantt charts and pareto diagrams. Greenbelts would receive the appropriate guidance from Black Belts because they have progress through their six sigma projects (Blokdijk 23).

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