Term paper on The Customer Service Perspective

Objectives Target Measure Action
The increase of the quality of products and services The increase of frequency of attendance of Starbucks by 10% The increase of the customer satisfaction and the improvement of products and services The company should focus on the improvement of the quality of its products and services and offer new products and services to attract customers. In addition, the company can conduct a promotional campaign that may attract more customers or offer discounts to loyal customers.
Adaptation of products and ambiance of the company’s outlets to local environment 40% localization of Starbbucks’ shops to the local cultural environment and needs of local customers To adapt Starbucks’ shops to the local culture and traditions through the introduction of some elements of local culture that mirror local specificities The involvement of local cultural elements into the ambiance of Starbucks’ shop and the introduction of local elements in the interior of shops.
To improve the quality of staffing, involving more employees, who understand customers well Employing 99% of local employees to help them understand better customers needs and wants The increase of the share of local employees in Starbucks’ coffee shops to make customers more comfortable since they will understand better customers’ needs and wants The company should focus on the new recruitment and training strategy which involves the recruitment of local professionals, their training by Starbucks’ professionals transferred from other Starbucks’ coffee shops, and then the replacement of transferred employees by local ones, who are trained and prepared to replace them.



Objectives Target Measure Action
Objective 1Increase of the market share internationally The company will increase its market share focusing on needs of customers, increasing its market share by 3% annually The company should aim at the market expansion by means of attraction of new customers, who abandon Starbucks rivals and choose Starbucks’ shops The company can open new outlets along with the enhancement of the performance of existing ones by means of promotion, discounts and special offers.
Objective 2Improvement of the quality of products and services The decrease of complaints by 10% and the increase of the frequency of attendance of Starbucks shops by loyal customers by 5% annually The customer should increase the quality of its products to attract more customers and to decrease their dissatisfaction The company can offer new products and services and improve the quality of products and services along with the enhancement of the quality control system
Objective 3Employment of local professionals to save costs in the course of the international market expansion In three years perspective, the employment of 90% of coffee houses personnel from the local labor market, wherever the company operates. In five years, the employment of 99% of local professionals, while in a long-run perspective, the company should reach the full localization of employment. The company attempts to localize the employment to save costs and to allow local outlets to conduct autonomous recruitment and employment policies. In such a way, the company can save costs and to employ professionals, who can understand better customers’ needs and expectations. The company focuses on the localization of the employment through the recruitment of local professionals, who are living in the area, where the company’s coffee houses are located. As the company, recruits new employees, the company provides them with training to help them to learn to code of conduct and standards of the company. In addition, new recruits learn basic skills they may need, while working in Starbucks. The company uses team work to facilitate the integration of new employees into the organization. The company minimizes the transfer of employees from the US abroad and internationally. Instead, the company encourages knowledge sharing within outlets that involves employees, who have already developed extensive experience of work in the company and can share their experience and knowledge with local employees.


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