It is not a secret that the differences between men and women are described most often in the media and public entertainment. However, the study of gender differences also plays a significant role in scientific researches, evolutionary theory and behavior, evolutionary biology, biomedicine and reproduction. For example, due to the scientific tradition for exploring differences between individuals, there is an opportunity to better understand a particular phenomenon. Another example is the use of Darwin’s concept of sexual selection in the theory of evolution of different species and their behaviors. This concept was applied to three theories, including sociobiology, ethology and evolutionary psychology. In addition, the study of gender differences can be effectively used in other areas, such as the study of genital and reproductive differences between men and women, the study of the major problems of sterility and fertility in men and women (Worell, 2001, p. 318). Moreover, the study of differences between men and women can be used in psychology, as men and women respond differently to stresses (Worell, 2001, p. 318). It has been found that the major experiences on psychological level have already been applied to investigation of biochemical processes in depression. Evolutionary theorists state that men and women are fundamentally different in many ways due to evolutionary biology. For example males are stereotyped as violent and aggressive, while females as kind and nurturing. In addition, the evolutionary approach help to better understand psychological and physical differences between men and women.


In conclusion, it is necessary to say that men and women have very much in common, but at the same time, there are many differences between them. Men and women are different in moral, psychological and physical terms, but they are fundamentally similar as they are entitled to be treated equally in our society. The issue that has been discussed in this paper -Are Men and Women Fundamentally Similar or Fundamentally Different?  – is a philosophical one and it should not be debated. It has been found that men and women have fundamentally different natures and perform fundamentally different social roles. In many cases, these differences make women dependent from men. Most people in our society realize that this question cannot be answered in absolute form, because people are different they vary in how they think about these questions, in their educational and social level, etc. The major document that gives an answer to this question is the U.S. Constitution which protects human rights and promoted gender equality. In other words, men and women are more similar than different.

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