Term paper on Three Successful Applications of ISO 9000

The introduction of international standards ISO 9000 contributed to the consistent improvement of the quality management because countries and companies accepting these standards focus on meeting international standards established in terms of ISO 9000. In fact, ISO 9000 and the application of international standards by many companies contributed to the consistent improvement of their marketing position, while some companies have managed to penetrate new markets easily using ISO 9000 as the guarantee of the high quality of their products and services.

In this respect, it is possible to refer to Boeing, the renowned company, whose brand is well-known worldwide. However, the company faced a strong competition in Europe from the part of Airbus. In such a situation, Boeing needed the evidence of the reliability and safety of its aircrafts and other products (Becher & Chassin, 124). This is why the introduction of ISO 9000 standards allowed the company to prove that it meets international standards and customers can be absolutely certain in their safety while using Boeing products (Griffith, 41). In such a way, Boeing have managed to improve its position in Europe or, at least, the company has got the access to European market.

Ford is another example of the successful application of ISO 9000. The company was traditionally oriented on the international market but by the late 20th century, the national market of the US was not enough for Ford anymore (Nauert, 51). The company needed international market expansion but to meet different standards established by national authorities was quite challenging for Ford (Pinkerton, 104). As a result the company introduced ISO 9000 and managed to enter new markets successfully.

Similarly, Allison Engine also get access to international market due to ISO 9000.

Thus, ISO 9000 set high standards and facilitate international business expansion.




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