Term paper on Three Successful Applications of X-bar & R Charts

X bar and R charts are closely intertwined and often they are applied together. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that X bar and R charts have already found application in different fields, industries in the US and worldwide. In actuality, X bar and R charts are successfully implemented in the statistical analysis and management analysis.

In this respect, it is possible to refer to the total quality management, where both X bar and R charts are applied successfully. Today, the total quality management is very popular, although it originated from Japan. Due to the high effectiveness of the total quality management and its contribution to the successful business development, many organizations implement the total quality management. The total quality management in its turn uses both X bars and R charts.

At the same time, X bar and R charts are also widely-applied in six sigma. Six sigma helps to assess the quality of management and six sigma helps to conduct the detailed analysis of the marketing performance and the quality of performance and operations.

In addition, X bar and R charts are successful applied to the statistical process control. They help to track the statistical changes that occur in the development of organizations, their production process and other issues, where the statistical process control is applied. As a result, organizations can use the statistical process control to monitor the situation and to assess the process control and effectiveness of production processes, for instance, and other issues.

Thus, X bar and R charts are very popular today and are widely-applied.

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